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Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner Name Professor Course Date Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner, are great composers and personalities in the world of music, and theatre and they remain imprinted as distinguished icons in the books of history. One historic composition by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the Adagio and Allegro for mechanical Organ in F minor, K.


He wished it to be played on a conventional organ. During the recent, modern times, it is played in keyboards. The piece lasts roughly ten minutes to be complete. The performance of the composition has taken on all comers since its launch during the LP era. It has exceptionally well defined tempos and the supple wind lines flow freely they are neither harried nor stilted. It is indeed a superb piece as noted by Mozart himself when he said that it is. ‘Its fruitlessness and purity and compatibility to the works of art eclipse anything that anyone has ever succeeded in producing’ (Caplin, 35). Ludwig van Beethoven was also a masterly composer. His compositions are grouped according to numbers, and a significant composition by him is the by opus number. The numbers were assigned by publishers, which follow the order by which his famous compositions were published, and not what they meant. This is reason why the ‘Wind Octet of 1792’ can be ‘Opus 103’, at the time ‘Opus 102’ and ‘Opus 104’ were launched in 1815 to 1817 correspondingly. One of the most famous of the opus numbers was the piano sonata no.31 in A flat major, op.110. It was composed in 1821 and is the central piano sonata in the third group opp. 109-111. He published it as the number thirty one of the published piano sonatas. ...
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