'Mon coeur s'ouvre МК ta voix' from Saint-SaМЗns' Samson et Dalila

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Name Course Instructor Date Due 'Mon Coeur s'ouvre a ta voix' from Saint-Saens' Samson et Dalila Introduction The song Mon Coeur s'ouvre a ta voix involves romantic era skills used for passing on zeal, seductiveness, and loveliness. The techniques used include rich harmony, aura of mild breezes, vocal jumps, and melodic idioms that extend unevenly.


The skill to read and understand written music is not dependent of how an individual understands or enjoy the genre but how the composer uses the written words to reveal the meaning or pass the message to the audience. The composer has employed the use of melody in the opera to bring about its smoothness for the audience to listen and enjoy. The rising and lowering of the pitch between each verse regulates its frequency hence the intervals makes it romantic as intended by the composer. The musical instruments used also give the music its melodic range in that they break the tonal variation of the singer thus making the music acquire the medium voice. The tonality of the opera has been organized such that the central tone after every verse brings the audibility. This makes it possible for the audience to hear every word sung by the soloist without straining to get the words. Besides tonal variation in the music, the composer has also used texture to interweave the melodic to harmonize the music structure. The timbre in the song gives a clear distinction for the audience to get the words and message from the song. The composer as employed tis element enlighten the audience as they get to hear every word from the opera. ...
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