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Your Name Prof’s Name Course Code Date La Vie Boheme Popular consumption of music has long been influenced by the stage – but perhaps not more so than in the modern era of super-popular Broadway musicals. It is in some ways easy to dismiss such musicals as somewhat venal entertainment, more akin to Hollywood than Mozart, but their immense popularity demands that they receive some attention.


Songs in popular musicals often struggle with the blending of text and music; the text is often so important that music takes a back seat, or else an emotional moment of music is required, and text is written just to have something happening during that moment. I would argue, however, that “La Vie Boheme” effortlessly combines both musical and textual elements to create a pleasing cocophony that relates intrinsically to the philosophical underpinnings of a Bohemian lifestyle. In short, it represents the certainty of death, the chaos of life, and Bohemianism as a response to simply having too little time on earth. Life and death are the central themes to this work, both textually and musically. The song begins with a character explaining that he had had “a death in the family,” his dog, “Evita” had died. He then goes on to explain how beautifully the neighborhood would change if people would give up their bohemian lifestyle. During this period the music is light, delicate, ordered and lively, with a high, major key melody played on a piano. He closes by telling the other characters that “Bohemia is dead.” This moment represents the first change between life and death that occurs in the work. ...
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