Concert Report of Gentleman's Rule

Concert Report of Gentleman
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CONCERT REPORT OF GENTLEMAN'S RULE Concert Venue Concern venues are always important factors in determining the success or otherwise of major shows (Bulow, 2007) such as the Gentleman’s Concern organized on November 17, 2012. This is because the concern venue is the first outward appearance that any person has about the event.


Because the program was organized in the evening, lighting was an important and integral part. There was sufficient lighting to make everything visible. The lighting system was also used as a decorative system as there were combination of different forms and types of lights in different switches and rhythms so synchronize with the music that was being done. Again, because there was a conscious effort to ensuring that fans and all other stakeholders within the premises of the theatre did not have problem with visuals, there was create visibility with the lighting system that was provided. It was the stage itself that did not have much light due to technical reasons such as concentrating the light only on people of whom the technical themes wanted attention to go to at a point in time. On the issue of ease of movement by patrons of the concert, particularly the fans, it would be said that even though the Royal George Theatre is a very sizeable place, for some reasons, it could not guarantee patrons of the program much movement. The problem was not due to that natural size of the auditorium but due to the fact that the songs that were done where danceable tunes, of which most fans wanted more and more space to shake themselves off with the music. ...
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