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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Stravinsky and Primitivism Introduction Art is wide expanded range of activities by humans and the product of those same activities. There are many different forms of arts; music is one of the arts that a great person by the name Stravinsky practiced in the early 20th century.


An example of this is the concerto Grosso, symphony and fugue (Bell 25). This was often to pay tribute to the form of music of the earlier masters like Tchaikovsky. Stravinsky’s professional life, which was at most in the 20th century, included many of the modern classical styles of music. Most composers who existed during his lifetime and those after were greatly influenced by him. He has the great desire to learn art, literature and life (Bell 25). Stravinsky was named as one of the truly epochal innovators of music. Aside from the technical innovations, which consisted of rhythm and harmony, the “changing face” of his compositional style was the most imperative feature of his work. It retained a distinctive and essential identity all the time. Primitivism is known in art as the style of works of self-trained artists who build up their talents in an imaginary manner, as in the paintings of Henri Rousseau and Grandma Moses. The phrase primitive has also been used to portray the style of time before American naive painters as Edward Hicks and has been practical to the art of the mixture of Italian and Netherland schools, which were formed before late 15th century. ...
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