illegal downloading of music and it's effects on the industry.

illegal downloading of music and it
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Student name Course name Instructor’s name Date Illegal downloading of music and its effects on the industry Introduction Throughout the 20th century, music has taken several great leaps and this is reflected in the 21st century as well. These changes are credited to advances in technology, which not only aids production but also aids distribution of such music.


In addition, one of the main uses of the internet is downloading music. This is because it is perceived as fast way of obtaining new music. However, most internet users who download music for free are aware or not aware of the implications of their actions. Another way of obtaining new music in the current age is file sharing. File sharing involves getting music from friends free of charge. Both illegal downloading and file sharing costs the music stores, music executives and the musicians a great deal of money as it involves theft. Today, the number of internet users who take the opportunity to get free music through downloading online is overwhelming. As a result, about 95% of the music downloads are illegal. In this paper, the discussion agrees that illegal downloading of music online has devastating effects on the industry and should be prohibited. The music production comprises of the musician, music executives and music industry. The people most involved in illegal downloading of music are young people who include high school and college students who fear not being prosecuted. Through downloading music from online, these people deny the record companies and artists their deserved pay. ...
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