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Name Professor Course Date Kecak Dance Introduction Kecak is a Balinese 45 minutes long dance comprising of varied fascinating aspects besides the core story, which the performers narrate mostly via their actions (Ubud). Since its inception in 1930s, the dance’s sole performers were males though lately from the year 2006 it has included both genders.


This is apparent from the male gender’s checkered costumes won from the waist besides the performers’ array as they do the dance. From its inception to date, the dance has earned itself an incomparable fame globally owing to its magnificent aspects that comprise the entire performance, which this essay seeks to elaborate. Kecak Dance comprises an amalgamation of various Indian cultural exorcism movements and themes whose purpose entailed to narrate Ramayana account (Ubud). The dance represents 1930s’ work done by both Wayan Limbak and Walter Spies, where due to their immense and varied knowhow, emerged with a dance that is of its own category (Cormier). These composers sourced ideas from the Indian culture whereby they merged them with the knowhow they possessed with the intention of narrating Ramayana account by acting. This is manifested from the various aspects depicting Walter Spies’ artistic touch, for illustration, checkered pants, varied consumes having dragon images, and the performers’ fascinating array while dancing. The dance’s creators intended to present their composition to the Western tourists, hence prompting Wayan Limbak to popularizing it globally. ...
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