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Name Course Instructor Course Title Date of Submission SMC Orchestra Concerto Report On Saturday December 4, I attended the “SMC Orchestra Concerto” in the [indicate the hall the concert was held]. The show was set to start at 7.30 pm, and I arrived twenty minutes before the scheduled start time to find the hall crowded, which is something that I had expected since I knew that the performers are capable of producing electrifying performances.


The first piece was Overture to “Don Giovanni,” K.257 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with the conductor of the piece being Fang-Ning Lim. The piece authored by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in 1787 consisted of ten instruments each connected to the other. In the first part, the conductor introduced the andante with the flute 1 being the instrument of choice with the part ending in C major with a flute 2. Conversely, the second pair of instruments used in part was oboes, with oboe one starting in the andante while oboe 2 ended in D major. After the oboes, the clarinets started with the first clarinet in A major starting whereby the oboe 2 ended. Thereafter, the second clarinet took over in F major. Other instruments used in the piece were two bassoons, horns, violins, trumpets, horns, timpani, violas, cellos and basses. Importantly, slow movements all through marked this andante and the entire piece and by the end of the piece, I had a feeling that the show had just started. After the first piece, the second piece introduced by James Martin was Keyboard Concerto in D Minor, BWV 1052 by Johan Sebastian Bach. ...
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