Recording labels & Music Marketing

Recording labels & Music Marketing Essay example
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Music Name: Institution: Music has been in existence since time immemorial. The influence that music has over people is undoubtedly unimaginable. However, what entails music marketing is an intricate structure which involves recording labels. Record labels are primarily involved in the process of music promotion.


It has a significant presence in the region. Besides, the record label has a number of artists signed to it. It accords a platform for marketing and promoting all these artists irrespective of their status. For instance, in their website, they have a portal which allows the artists to have their music promoted via a digital store. The digital store, as it is in most cases, is always connected to the iTunes stores. With the advent of information age together with the opportunities presented by it, digital platforms for promoting music is a necessary part of the promotion (Brae, 2012). Brief Background on the All Around the World The music label was formed in 1990. It should be noted that demographically, the record label is located in England but it has signed artists from various parts of the globe. The artists signed to the label are mainly determined by the genre of music in which it specializes in. Largely, the genre of music for the group was dance. However, it is apparent that it had to conform to modern trends in music. Consequently, the music group also incorporated Rnb as a genre in its production. The record label does the promotion of its music products through the universal music group which is an established music marketing and producing company. The transformations that have been at the company have seen it sign even hip-hop artists. ...
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