Musique concr̬te And Soundscape Composition

Musique concr̬te And Soundscape Composition Essay example
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Musique Concrete and Soundscape Composition Musique Concrete History and Composers It had not been easy for researchers to point clearly, when the idea of music really began. This is because even the anthropologist have thought that even the cave dwellers might have developed music of their own by stamping their feet, hand clapping, as well as noise making as a means of singing.


Even the origin of the conventional modern keyboards can be traced to the early development of traditional instrumental music. Despite the situation, things began to change in the middle 20th century just after the Second World War at around 1948 when some French musicians such as Pierre Schaefer and Pierre Henry began to play music using recoded sounds (AMG Staff 2012). As time progressed, they realized that tape-recorded was a good invention since it gave them the opportunity to do things, which they could not do without sound recording. This is because, through tape recording, they could now be able to speed up or slow down sound; make them quieter or louder; filter the sound; repeat, as well as play the sound backwards (AMG Staff 2012). As a result, they were now able to convert any real life sound such as concrete sounds, rattle of lids of saucepans, crying babies among others into music. The origin of Musique Concrete, however, can be traced back to 1940s brought about by the invention of a quality analogue tape recorder for researchers and musicians (Dack 1994, p.4). ...
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