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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The Masterpiece in Public Enemy’s Hip Hop Track “Fight the Power” The term masterpiece has been defined in different ways. In modern terms, a masterpiece refers to a creation or invention that has been subject to critical praise (The Free Dictionary par…

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One of the greatest musical works in history is Public Enemy’s Hip Hop Track “Fight the Power”. One of the features that make the track “Fight the Power” be considered as a masterpiece relates to its unique sound according to Mixonline (par. 2). The track features a hard, intense sound – one that is clearly different from the other hip hop-songs produced earlier (Wenner par. 1). This paper will analyse the masterpiece with a focus on the political context. The track “Fight the Power” together with others of public Enemy’s more recent creations at the time ushered in a period in which mainstream hip-hop was pervaded by radical politics that favoured Black Americans(Wenner par. 1). While politics had always featured in rap, the track arguably presented the most extreme political thoughts and yet remained so successful in the market. Produced in June 1989 as a single, at the request of Spike Lee, the track was to be used as the theme song to the movie ‘Do The Right Thing’ (Wenner par. 1). The movie focused on the racial tension that was then being experienced in Brooklyn, New York and in the rest of the United States of America. ...
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