MUS 121 Research Paper on The Fulte Instrument

MUS 121 Research Paper on The Fulte Instrument Research Paper example
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The Flute Instrument Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The flute was initially an ancient wood-wind instrument that was commonly used in churches in Europe during the 14th century. It is keyless and is the most known instrument for playing classical music.


However, the most preferred flute is the Boehm`s flute. His modification was successful, as he changed the flute from wooden to silver. The silver flute produced the best tone, and the thin hard-drawn tubes increased the metal`s capacity for vibration. The development of the flute has changed from one shape and size to another, and these modifications have improved the tune and the sound of the flute. In modern days, the flute has numerous uses ranging from musical shows and concerts, movies, Broadway shows, as well as Jazz players. Keywords: Flute, Development, Boehm Flute, Murrays Flute, Music, Old System Flute, German Flute, Keys, Tone, Sound, Tune Introduction Many forms of wood-wind instruments began to appear in the late fourteenth century. Brass instruments and their brass sounds had earlier been the only forms of music in the church services in Europe. According to the Marshall Cavendish Corporation, “the only woodwind instrument to leave a mark was the flute, which strongly influenced the popular music” (2003, p.2713). The flute was preferred for its softer tone compared to the brass instruments. It is the most flexible music instrument among the woodwind instruments. According to Moratz, “it can execute just about any style of music, from classical to jazz to rock. ...
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