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Research music paper Name: Institution: The violin is arguably one of the oldest musical instruments that still are of relevance to the modern categories of music. This is a high pitched stringed instrument with a close resemblance to a guitar only that it is smaller and with fewer strings…


Today, a number of modern generation artists still use the instrument in producing a variety of music genres. Such modern day musicians include Celine Dion. The name violin is an English word derived from a Latin word vitula, which translates to stringed instrument in English. This implies that the instrument was not an English creation and only gained a lot of prominence in the United Kingdom in the sixteenth century following its extensive use in the modern day Italy. The violin was played a lot in Italy and became part of the Italian cultural heritage. Some of the most celebrated violinists and violin manufacturers such as Gasparo da Salo and Giovanni Paolo Maggini among many others were all Italians. The instrument played a role in the development of the modern day salsa dance, which coincidentally was part of the Italian heritage too. The spread of the instrument to other parts of the world resulted from colonization and the subsequent industrialization in the late eighteenth century. Italians spread throughout the world to the Americas and other parts of Europe taking their culture with them. In doing so, other people began appreciating the instrument in music production. Celine Dion one of the modern day musicians who have used violins in most of her songs is a Canadian but of Italian decent. ...
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