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Name: Institution: Abstract Music is essential during worship since it strengthens the beliefs of the congregation. Music transcends beyond the physical realms of the worshippers thus assisting the worshippers in glorifying God. This research paper will study the effect of music during worship…


Stratified sampling method will be used to select as representative sample from the population. The population will first be divided in to eight strata depending on the Christian faith of each individual, then a random sample will be selected from each strata. 25 Christians will be selected from each stratum in order to participate in the final survey. Simple data analysis software will be used to determine the effect of music on worship depending on the perception on the impact of music during worship. Results Majority of the respondents asserted that music is influential during Christian worship. 70 percent of the respondents asserted that music strengthened their religious beliefs and unified the congregation. More than fifty percent of the respondents asserted that they attend worship more than once in a week and are attracted by the praise music in Church. 90 percent of the respondents asserted that gospel and inspirational music are incorporated in all worship services and worship is meaningless without music. In addition, 70 percent of respondents agreed that music during worship affects their emotions, enables them to glorify God and strengthens them both physically and spiritually. Both female and male Christians asserted that music is useful during worship regardless of the age of the participant. ...
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