A musical ethnography.

A musical ethnography. Essay example
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Music is an art that is meant for entertainment among other functions, the way it is conducted is of great importance considering the group and music genre. My experience is that with a band in a local restaurant, their norms and leadership impact on the music performance.


To start with a norm is the standard of behavior that is expected by the societal standards. This will enable me find out the behavior of the restaurant attendants in the presence and the absence of the supervisors. My main focus in the ethnography is the norms of the workers though I will also consider the hierarchy and gender roles as they also play peculiar roles in the restaurant (Folklore: an encyclopedia of beliefs, customs, tales, music, and art). The restaurant is a frequently visited joint frequently visited by all walks of people. It mainly sells food and drinks for its clients serving as both a hotel and a bar mostly at night. The restaurant has all it takes to provide quality food and another of its rooms there is well arranged place for beverages and a dance hall. The bar place takes a larger area of the bottom part that is covered by glass window which the clients can use to view the vicinity that has the view of a vast field of wild animals, a soccer and tennis courts on the other side. Near the table where I sat there is also a television and this gives the main area where the observation was made. ...
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