“Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac

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Though it is the dream of nearly all rock and roll musicians to realize at least the partial level of success that the classic rock musicians achieved, this was not only a dream for the members of the band Fleetwood Mac but a reality.


For purposes of this analysis, this essaywill seek to review and shed a level of understanding onto the bands 11th studio album entitled “Rumours”. As with many of their previous albums, Rumous experienced a wide degree of success and was certied fo thave sold over 40 million copies worldwide. Such a massive commercial success indicates that the ablum and the band themselves had a profound effect on the formation of American culture during the turbulent 1960s and 1970s. As a function of this impact, the proceeding analysis will consider the cultural role that the album and tha band has had on the American dynamic.
Seeking to quantify the impact of the album of course requires one to reqalize the impact of the times in which it was recorded as well as understanding the unique dynamics that existed between the individual musicians at that time. Ultimately, what the band was most interested in, like most profitable musical acts, was to further the commercial success they had experienced within the past decade. As a function of moderate to wildly successful album sales for the past 10 albums that had been released, the trio of vocalists to engage in the commissioning and production of an 11th album.
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