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The effect of music during worship Name: Institution: Abstract Music has made a significant contribution to worship service; in fact, music is associated with church history. However, there is a form of elusion and experiential entity associated with music, thereby creating difficulties in putting words to express the possession of power by music over the effects on worship and people.


Other ideas covered in this research study related to the way music assist in fostering a community in the congregation during a worship service. Therefore, the research paper has depicted music as an organic way of interrelating the world and the whole creation of God in a way that facilitates processing of emotions and development of new emotions in order to live a sensible life. The research paper will also cover the role of music in worship, whereby there will be a discussion of the multifaceted way of defining this role. There is numerous literatures discussion the fundamental role of music in worshiping, some of which include the way music interlinks the world and the divine through the worship service. In this case, the research paper will revolve around the effects of music on the worship. The effect of music during worship Introduction Music in worship dates back to the church history. Music is a significant part of worship in evangelical churches (Doukhan, 2009). Different music genres speak to Christians in different ways during worship. Music during worship allows the Christians more freedom of expression of their faith in God through shaking of the body or lifting of hands. ...
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