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Video report

Different songs were played totaling to seven which included NY Theme, A Night in Tunisia, Just by Myself, Moanin’, I remember Clifford, Whisper Not and It’s You or No one. In this write ups, only four songs will be sampled for the report which are Just by Myself, Moanin’, I Remember Clifford, and A Night In Tunisia. The concert Jazz Icons: Art Blackey & the Jazz Messengers was filmed in Belgium in 1958 and its length was 55 minutes. Report on Each Song 1. Just By Myself The style used in this music is jazz genre. Different instruments were, however, used and played by the performers for various roles. Among the major roles are to convey a rhythmic tone in a music. In playing jazz, the rhythm ensembles bands which gives a structured body of the music. In Just by Myself, a typical rhythm is justified by the use of a drum, piano, a bass and other horn playing instruments like trumpets. In the music field, the instrument used in a section of rhythm varies depending on the style used and the era (Randel, 560). Just by Myself was a jazz lyric and so instruments used had each and every role in portraying its band. Although, most of the instruments used in the music played major roles in backing up some part of the songs, some provided other musical importance. It is a norm for some instruments used in music to play soloistic roles in a given event or even play a melodic role. They prominently framed the music well as they provided background music for the singers. This makes them to be valued

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in the music concert as they, also, underpinned for the good performance. In the song, therefore, drums played by Art Blackey supplied a rhythmic pulse for the music while Jymie Merritt played bass which enhanced a harmonic foundation for the music with a baseline. Drums also were used in the complex and challenging parts as well as introduction roles. The drummer keeps exchanging other short solo section with trumpet player, which was played by Lee Morgan. Bobby Timmons also led the piano playing where they were alternating the roles of performing the improvised solo verses. In this music, Lee Morgan was the soloist as his lines and ideas streamed for one not to forget. His tone was very clear and one to spot on as he gives a focused point for one to note. He is a remarkable soloist especially at his tender age of 20 years means a lot in the music industry. This reminds me of the author of the lyrics, Benny Golson, especially for his lyrical tags which were rich in melody content. The solo was a successful act as it embraced the jazz band by the team and is something one can admire for years. 2. Moanin’ Moanin' was a jazz genre which included the ever greatest music produced by Blackey in studio. Piano, played by Bobby Timmons purely tuned the selection title with a bluesy stewed melody. A sax played by Benny Golson slowed the statistical motion in a militaristic manner to march the blues, justifying the professional jazz in the concert. A suit of thunders of drums followed played by Blackey in a quick blasting rudiments which reigned on high as the sighs of horns were heard resulting to a hard bop. The staccato rhythms contrasted the refrains which were light-hearted. The arrangement of the lyrics satisfies the audience making Moanin’ ranks the best of the Blakey. This also justifies what the modern jazz offered on and after 1950s. 3. I Remember Clifford This jazz lyric is a tribute to Clifford Brown. In soulful


Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Video Report The concert Jazz Icons: Art Blackey & the Jazz Messengers had been considered as the finest and the most liked line-ups in jazz history. This is because it featured the popular jazz kings including Art Blackey, Benny Golson, Jymie Merritt, Bobby Timmons and also Lee Morgan…
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Video report essay example
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