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Instead, compressed PCM variants are normally employed. However, numerous Blu-ray format movies use the uncompressed PCM for audio. Frequently, PCM encoding enables digital transmission from a point to another (in a certain system, or geographically) in a serial form. This paper evaluates PCM theory and audio reduction codecs and techniques. Introduction In the past, the communication system mostly used the analog signal in transmitting signals. However, due to computer and digital network communications advancements, a lot of information or data is transmitted using the pulse wave modulation technique. Pulse wave modulation may be used to transmit analog audio signal or information with a particular rate to sample analog signal - this rate is what is called the transmission rate. On the receiver, the delivered signal is demodulated by the Pulse-code modulation (PCM) demodulator to recuperate the original continuous analog signal wave. Generally, PCM can be classified as a pulse amplitude modulation (PAM), pulse position modulation (PPM), pulse code modulation (PCM), and pulse width modulation (PWM). PAM, PPM, and PWM modulations are affiliated to analog modulation while the PCM modulation is affiliated to digital modulation. ...
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PCM Theory and Audio Reduction Codecs and Techniques Name Institution Abstract Pulse-code modulation or PCM is a digital exemplification of an analog signal whereby the signal magnitude is sampled regularly at even intervals, then quantized to series of symbols in digital (usually binary) code…
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