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Name: Instructors name: Course: Date of submission: 1. Reflecting upon Ellington's total adult life and career, in my opinion, the meaning of 'success' according to Duke Ellington in his total adult life and career is being 'beyond category'. For someone as great as him and a very eminent renowned artist who revolutionized music and changed the prior concepts that were prevailed this resulted in extraordinary work.


In my opinion success for him was being original and establishing his or her own self by their hidden qualities and discovering yourself. He was beyond all boundaries and crossed all perimeters of extraordinary work and therefore was beyond all the prevailing categories. Therefore he is an inspiration for many of us out there exceeding all the categories. 2.The two isolated principles or method that The Duke Ellington applied it life and music. These can help others to succeed in the following manner. According to him he applied innovation to his music. He was a revolutionist who brought new concept in the field of music which is the best example of innovation is his Jazz music. He brought changes which reshaped and revolutionized the present standards. That was set by his ancestors. Another thing that was remarkable and seen in his era was thathis efforts showcased unity. He was the first one to bring a change so he gathered so many people under one platform and formed a band. Ellington gathered them and amalgamated them into a single band which was formed to propagate this form of music. This is a great example of success through unity. ...
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