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Name Course Course Instructor Date Gioachino Rossini Gioachino Antonio Rossini, a famous Italian composer was born in February 29, 1792 and died in November 13, 1968 at the age of 76 in Passy, near Paris in France. He was born to a trumpeter father by the name Giuseppe Rossini, while his mother Anna Guidarini was a singer.


In the following year, 1823, he was contracted to write Semiramide, which was a serious opera for La Fenice in Venice, before moving to Paris via London in 1824. In London, he worked as a music director at the Theatre of Italien from 1824 to 1826 (Walton 98-102). However, it was not until the death of Isabella and his marriage to Olympe, when he decided to move with his new bride back to Passy a leafy suburb in Paris where he died. While still of tender age, Rossini was taught and encouraged to do music at home before being enrolled to Liceo Musicale in Bologna by his parents. After his graduation from the school, he began his career at the Venetian Teatro San Moise School to compose a single act comedy called La Cambiale di matrimonio. He owes the success of his career to the efforts and encouragement of his parents who insisted on him to study music. In school, Rossini received training in playing the piano and the cello, taking a few days to learn the latter (Walton 8). His style of writing was on the reflections of the issues that affected people at that particular time. ...
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