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The rock'n'roll era and beyond

The identity does not only include personal identity, but also regional, national, gender, ethnic and cultural identity. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to briefly present an overview of how music can reflect a generation identity. It will also analyze two artists from different decades and how the two musicians connect to listeners at specific stage of life and finally. Finally, the paper will discuss what music reveals about the changes and continuities in the perception of that age identity. In discussing the identity in music, we need to ask ourselves whether it is true that everyone has a musical identity. Few people say that they lack interests in music or liking of the music whatsoever. Most have strong liking of music and dislikes depending on the type of music. Taste for music have always been shown to related to age, music training level and some aspects of cognitive style and personality. Most people listen to music of different levels of engagements to regulate their moods in different contexts while they are also involved in other activities. It may seem reasonable that in analyzing the musical identities to look at all the concepts of the people. The broad patterns of musical preferences among people and also the transitory likes and dislikes form the integral part of our music identities (Jennings 1991). ...
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Rock n roll era and beyond Date Introduction Over many generations accessibility to large amount of music have increased vastly. This has been facilitated by means like radios, tapes, and CDs. Music has formed the integral parts of the broadcasting systems like the televisions and the cinema films…
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