The Life and Music of Johann Strauss II

The Life and Music of Johann Strauss II Essay example
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The Life and Music of Johann Strauss II Name Institutional Affiliation The Life and Music of Johann Strauss II The Life of Johann Strauss II Johann Strauss II was pegged as the Younger since he shared similar name and passion in music with his famous father, Johann Strauss, also a great musician, composer and conductor.


Apparently, it was identified that their mother was instrumental in harnessing their musical talents and skills through contracting a member of his father’s orchestra to provide musical instructions, particularly to Johann. His talent in music was noted to have emerged at a very young age of six, when he allegedly composed his very first waltz (Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2013). As such, through his musical career, Johann had been known to have written and composed predominantly dance music within the musical categories of waltzes, operettas, polkas, marches, and quadrilles, among others. He was known to have had several collaborative works together with his two younger brothers named Josef and Eduard. Together, they were revealed to have “developed the classical Viennese Waltz to the point where it became as much a feature of the concert hall as the dance floor. With his abundantly tuneful waltzes, polkas, quadrilles and marches, Johann II captivated not only Vienna but also the whole of Europe and America for more than half a century” (The Johann Strauss Society of Great Britain, 2013, par. 2). ...
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