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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Subject: 20 March 2013 Jimmy Cliff Jimmy Cliff is one of the greatest living artists and is an internationally acclaimed icon from Jamaica. Apart from being a Reggae superstar, he is also an international movie star and a well known figure in the world for his legacies to the field of entertainment.


“Reggae changed the traditional rock patterns by allowing guitar to play the off-beat chords, while the bass guitar played melodic patterns” (Reggae par.1). Jimmy Cliff was born on April 1948 in Somerton District of Jamaica; he was the second youngest among 9 of his brothers and sisters. His parents parted away when he was very young, so Cliff was brought up by his grandmother and father. His Grandmother played an important role in his career as she always encouraged him to sing and appreciated whatever he sang. She made him confident about his ability of doing something great one day. Family too played a very major role in Cliff’s life. Jimmy Cliff apart from being a well known singer is also known as an internationally famous musician and actor. With his 50 years of valuable contribution in the entertainment industry Cliff has two Grammy Awards to his credit and also the distinction of being one of the only two reggae artists inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the highest honour given by Jamaican government in the field of arts and sciences making him an international icon. With over 20 albums till date, Jimmy “Cliff has been one of the brightest stars of Jamaica’s thriving musical culture and was among the first to bring reggae to the worldwide audience” (Jimmy Cliff Biography par.1). ...
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