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York University, 15.03.2013: Carribean Ensemble Author's Name Instructor's Name Course Date Introduction It will be a personal story of the Carribean Ensemble at York University, 15.03.2013. Due to a fact that performances were divided into three groups, we will present each one from the narrator's point of view, analyzing only one student performance within it.


Choosing only one student performance within the group, it is possible to show bright interactions between this popular/classical theme and the history of music, cultural backgrounds, instrumental history, where all factors help to get a deeper understanding of --- at first sight --- famous and well-known composition. These interactions will find out the deeper layer of these compositions' reasoning, definitely. Additionally, except the aforesaid ones, there also were such as: 'Take 5: Dave Brubeck;' 'Tomorrow: Annie (The Musical);' 'Oye Como Va: Tito Puente;' 'Footsteps: Machel Montano;' 'Rolling the Deep: Adele and Paul Epworth;' 'I'll be There: Berry Gordy, Bob West, Hal Davis, and Willie Hutch;' 'Under the Sea: The Little Mermaid;' 'Oh, What a Night: The Four Seasons;' 'Hungarian Dance: Johannes Brahms;' 'No One: Alicia Keys;' 'Habanera from 'Carmen:' George Bizet;' 'One Note Samba: Antonio Carlos Jobim.' As we could see, the program of the World Festival, 2013, was so ambitious that every single should be regarded as a 'special event' in it. G1/4. I Shot the Sheriff: Bob Marley 'I Shot the Sheriff: Bob Marley' belonged to the first group of the Carribean Ensemble at York University. ...
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