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John Grisham Biography When I was born on that fateful day of February 8, 1955 in Jonesborough, Arkansas, there was absolutely no way that anybody could have foreseen that I would become a lawyer and eventually, a published author in the future. After all, I was born to Southern Baptist parents who led very simple lives.


In no way did I ever live a privileged life that would have exposed me to the beauty of writing novels. (Academy of Achievement “John Grisham”). Ever since I was a child, I would wake up at 6 or 6:30 a.m. , champing at the bit. Since my father had to wake up very early for work, my mother insisted that we all be awake along with him so that we could have breakfast together and get an early start to our day. For me, that meant heading out to the local baseball field and practicing a few hitters with the local kids. Just like any other child I fancied myself a fantastic baseball player and hoped to turn professional in the future, earning the big bucks along the way. But after my parents decided to settle down and lay down roots in Southaven, Mississippi in 1967 I came to realize that my aspirations of a pro baseball career were just that, dreams. I wasn't really athletic enough to see it become a reality. What I did concentrate on instead, thanks to the encouragement of my parents who did not get enough of a formal education, was my quest to earn a college diploma. (Famous Authors “John Grisham”) But just like any other person of college age, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to major in. It seemed like such a big responsibility had been placed upon my shoulders after high school and my parents could not help me find my way. ...
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