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1 The standardization of the Western Music started during the Medieval Period which can be traced back between 500-1400 BC. During this period, several developments on musical art took place and one of which is the systematic organization of learning music for singers which was related to the so-called Gregorian chant.


However, the music during this period was a combination of sacred and secular forms. Most of the songs sung during this time were mostly monotonic which were used for hymns and praise songs but later developed to polyphonic forms after the inclusions of instruments and the advent of musical notation system and musical theories. There was an immense alteration on the repertory during this period because of the incrementing efforts of incorporating manifold compositions of melodies and different tones. Eventually, despite the alleged defiance of the early fathers on the inclusion of musical instruments on church chants, there was an acceptance on the use of a musical instrument in church setting, initially, to support choristers in singing. The first instrument accepted to be used in church services was the organ. Secular music proliferated through the help of the French people and because of the aid of the music genius Guillaume de Machaut. Subsequently, songwriting also became famous. ...
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