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Firstname Lastname Instructor’s Name Course Number 2 June 2015 Jazz music concert report Jazz is a unique and almost exclusive style of American music that has advanced from traditional African and European vocal as well as instrumental music. Jazz has its foundation in West Africa and has taken most of the musical characteristics from the countries of this region.


The fundamental nature of jazz lies in improvisation, defined as the art of making music through the spur-of-the-moment invention of ideas. Jazz relies upon the artist/performer to create music that is neither written nor practiced, but shaped from the heart and soul for that at that particular moment in time. Through this method, Jazz has proven to be the type of music that evokes thought and emotions through a shared experience between the artist/performer and listener/audience. I was privileged to have an old friend of mine invite me to a Jazz concert on March 26th at ‘Lucy’s 51’ in Toluca Lake. Toluca Lake is a district that lies 12 miles to the northwest of downtown Los Angeles. The first thing I noticed as I walked in was the electronic and acoustic instruments, as well as the formal attire that the performers adorned. The group consisted of a total of three players and the instruments ranged from an electric guitar, drum and the bass. These were creatively woven to produce a magnificent concert that incorporated a series of four different songs that were performed beautifully.  John Pisano was on the guitar, Jamie Findlay was acting as the guest guitarist, while John Belzaguy was on the bass, and lastly but not least was Tim Pleasant on the drums. ...
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