Four Centuries of Guitar Masterpiece by Robert Wetzel: Concert Report

Four Centuries of Guitar Masterpiece by Robert Wetzel: Concert Report Essay example
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Wetzel was a pupil of Los Romeros, a legendary guitar dynasty. He was a private pupil. Since then, Wetzel has toured various parts of the world, including United States, Mexico and Europe.


He has performed as a duo artist, as well as soloist artists, working together with Odeum Guitar Duo and Fred Benedetti. His Odeum guitar duo that have been recorded independent as Concert Hall Records, are popular and can be found at online music stores and iTunes. THE VENUE AND TIME OF CONCERT The concert was held at Cuyama College Performing Arts Theatre. It was on a Tuesday, April 9th, 2013. The concert kicked off at 7.00 pm and rolled through the night, with its activities extending to the next day. This was punctuated by some breaks. THE PROGRAM The comprehensive program of the concert was organized as follows Pavane v Pavane i Luys Millan (16 Century) Sonata K. 208 Sonata K 322 Domenico Scalarlati (1685-1757) Tombeau sur la Mort de Cajetan d’Hartig Passacaglia Sylvius Leopoldus weiss (1686-1750) I. Pieces characteristics II. Oliveras III. Burgalesa IV. Los Mayos V. Albada VI. Panorama Federico MorenoTorroba (1891-1982) El Noi De la mare El Testamento de N’Amelia Traditional (arr. Miguel Llobet) (1878-1938) Las Dos Hermanitas Minuetto in Major Fransisco Tarrega (1852-1909) Suite in d minor I. Passacaille II. Entrada III. Bourree IV. Sarabande V. Menuets I and II Robert De Visee (1660-1725 L Maja de Goya Danza Espanola no 10 THE INSTRUMENTS USED IN THE CONCERT The concert was conspicuously characterized by the use of the classical guitar. ...
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