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Jiayan Zhou MCY 124 Charles Bergeron 09 April 2013 Miles Davis – Around Midnight Jazz music, this lively, enjoyable music was started back in the 20th century within the African American communities. It has given rise to popular Jazz music and much new age American popular music.


The video refers to the Miles Davis performance of “Around Midnight” in Berlin, Germany, which he takes us through a story by the expressions that can be perceived through Jazz music. Miles Davis one of the most famous jazz players worked on the modern jazz musical concepts that have helped to grow this genre to a next level. One of the most interesting aspects of jazz music is the level to which the genre continues to grow and redefine itself long after its heyday of popularity. Whereas the full music of the hippie movement has long since faded into the past, the music of the roaring 20s has been lost from memory, and the music that brought a nation together during the Second World War has been forgotten, jazz continues to maintain a subculture of popularity, continues to be performed by a wide range musicians, and continues to redevelop and reengineer the means by which it sounds on nearly a continual level. The very first jazz melody “Agitation” gives the listener a very exotic feeling by using his trumpet. It combines the different aspects from the musical perspectives. The song follows quick transitions with specific background sounds. The background music keeps the flow of the music steady and continuous. ...
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