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1 Name Professor’s name Class Date Two Jazz Bands – A Compare and Contrast Essay Order No. 831446 Introduction In the pre-Swing Era, Jazz took root and developed in the New Orleans during the early 19th century. The genre of Jazz further spread to different areas by the steamboats that plied across the Mississippi because many Jazz bands performed on these boats as a means of entertainment.


With these elements Jazz music introduced a new ‘Swing Style’ which spread across the country making Jazz even more popular and enjoyable. In this research paper I have chosen to discuss two very important Jazz bands – The first one is the ‘Benny Goodman and his Orchestra’ and the second is a modern Jazz band which is the ‘Thad Jones/ Mel Lewis Orchestra. 2 The years of Jazz that followed held great significance as major Jazz figures with their own inimitable style, aesthetic sense and technical skills emerged. Some of these greats on the Jazz scene were – Louis Armstrong (1932), Duke Ellington and others who set the stage for the progress of Jazz music. (Schuller, Gunther, 1989, pg.3) The socio-economic backdrop with the Depression on one hand and the Wall Street Crash on the other provided potent ground for the flourishing of Jazz. (Schuller, Gunther, 1989, pg. 4) The economic conditions were poor and unemployment was rampant and musicians found it hard to make ends meet. It was during this difficult period that the ‘Swing Era’ emerged when Jazz became synonymous with American Popular Culture. ...
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