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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons: Notes, Historical Information, and Sonnets Introduction On 4th March, 1678, Vivaldi was born in the city of Venice. Growing up he wrote works for individuals such as the great French king, Louis XV based on music notes.


3). Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is distinctly one of the most outstanding works done by Antonio Vivaldi. The song has been used in various movies like; A view to kill, Tin cup, White Chicks among others (Atrium Musicologicum Para. 1). Four seasons has four distinct musical pieces from an orchestra and solo violinist. It signifies the different activities, sounds, atmosphere and weather of the four seasons; Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn. Despite them being different and each complete by itself, they are designed to perform together (, Para. 5). Notes and Historical information Four Seasons by Vivaldi was published in 1725, in a concerto composed of twelve sets referred to as The Test of Harmony and Intervention. Each concerto is in a separate variety of fast-slow-fast movements. Four Seasons by Vivaldi appealed more to the French. That is why King Loius XV loved the ‘Spring’ and authorized it to be performed at the most unanticipated moments (Green Para. 2). The period when the Four Season was produced was known as the Baroque era. This era came after the renaissance and middle Ages where there was a large audience for European music that was accompanied with religious hymns. ...
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