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Modern: Bebop: Trumpet Red Rodney Name Professor Course Date Modern: Bebop: Trumpet Red Rodney The general characteristics of the Bebop historic jazz style is that it is a fast growing music because many individuals are adopting the style of music in their songs for different entertainment purposes.


Trumpet Red Rodney is known for the following individual stylistic characteristics. He embraced newer modal –like form styles which was different from the original Bebop style, but also shared some similarity as they both attracted majority of their audiences that were young people. He is also known for playing with a quintet, whose ages were far much younger than his age, yet at the same time he was bursting with good health. He is also known for developing the historic ‘chops’ which served many big bands that had lost their members in the world war. Rodney is also known for his own sound which sounded like dizzy, and matched the musical instruments he used. This significantly contributed in attracting the large audiences that always came for his performances. In addition, Rodney is known for being the surrealist of the trumpet as he was so good in his trumpet skills while in the first white name bebop. He was known for the warmth of his solos which showed his expertise in ensemble different works and putting them down into songs as a modern type of jazz bebop style. Red Rodney features a notable performance in his piece ‘No turn on red’. In my opinion, the piece is magnificent because of the numerous features that are produced and incorporated by the quintet. ...
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