the role of sound/music within a movie clip

the role of sound/music within a movie clip Essay example
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The role of music within Apollo 13 movie clip; 00:45:02-00:47:31 Name Course Instructor Date The use of music clips in a movie has various functions. One function is to enhance the storyline or it acts as an emotion catalyst. It also helps reduce anxiety of scary movies.


The three astronauts are Swigert, Lovell and Haise. The plot of this movie is delivered from the reality story that occurred in 1970 when NASA tried to land Apollo 13 on the moon (Jeffrey and Jim 2000, 10). The storyline has a mixed anxiety as it starts with the expectation of safe landing on the moon, but mid way, an explosion is heard. The oxygen starts to leak and astronauts’ life is in danger. The anxiety is heightened as Apollo 13 lands safely on water. This movie has approximately 20 soundtracks. A clip (titled; we have a problem) is discussed in this paper are delivered from Apollo 13 movie. This clip runs for 2.39 minutes. It starts by showing a happy crew opportunistic of success in this flight. At this moment, the sound track plays in the background. This type of soft background music track helps boosts the mood of the movie (Joey 2003, 62-64); of happiness at this particular time. The crew is shocked to learn that there is a problem in the plane. They wonder what may have gone wrong in the spaceship. The mood of panic engulfs the crew and the control room staff. They immediately report the problem to the control room staff. At the same time, the tone of the music track changes to a faster or speedy track with some increased beats. This track is associated with heightening the tension among the audience or viewers (Joey 2003, 102-105). ...
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