historic jazz style represented by this musician

historic jazz style represented by this musician Essay example
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Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World 1967 Little Willie Littlefield (1990) Celine Dion (2003-2006) Esperanza Spalding (2012) Name University Historic Jazz Jazz is a beautiful style of music which originated during the 20th century. It started between the African-American communities of the Southern United and was adopted from the European harmony.


Early jazz was basically defined as being rag time and also as a part of big bands, however the Great depression brought in some new bands and development to the music which was known as the bebop era. It was linked with the modern genres. There are many common characteristics of jazz which has changed and evolved over time and history. The evolution is defined as offbeat rhythm along with improvisations and also syncopation. There are fundamental differences in early jazz which were from classical music and it became very attractive. There are many amazing Jazz artists which amazing work, and of them is Louis Armstrong from New Orleans. He basically defined how to play jazz with his amazing technical abilities and also with the impulsiveness and enjoyment. He was a master in playing cornet and he played it with many well known bands during his early phase of life. He played it with Zutty Singleton, with Allen Brass Band and also with Papa Celestin’s Tuxedo Orchestra.He had some Jazz classics under his name, “Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five” and also “Hot Seven” These are not only considered to be absolute jazz classic but also they depict the amazing and strong creative powers of Armstrong. ...
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