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Essay example - Louis Armstrong and his place in jazz history

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This essay describes the history of jazz and career of Louis Armstrong from New Orleans. He basically defined how to play jazz with his amazing technical abilities and also with the impulsiveness and enjoyment. Jazz is a beautiful style of music which originated during the 20th century…

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This "Louis Armstrong and his place in jazz history" outlines the heritage of this great musician in jazz. Armstrong was known as an American Ambassador spreading the classic beauty of jazz all around the world. He had a huge international hit during 60’ with his own jazz version of “Hello Dolly” which was amazing and soulful for the ears. Another amazing hit came with “What a wonderful world” in 1967 which was movingly cheerful and optimistic.
“What a Wonderful World” is a beautiful song written by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele. It was recorded in 1967 by Louis Armstrong and it holds a lot of passion and beauty. It is very cheerful and optimistic which depicts clearly Armstrong and his kind of music. The lyrics are extremely positive and it makes one feel great and wonderful about the world. It magnificently talks about the attractiveness of nature and how one can cherish the beauty around. The song is extremely soulful and moving which takes the listener’s heart with every passing beat. Music is just perfect with the lyrics depicting the exquisiteness of not only the nature but it seems that the music is being described in the lyrics too.
Armstrong was known for his creative ability with the trumpet and the cornet. He made amazing improvisations on the records of the New Orleans jazz standard. He brought in daring improvisations to the New Orleans Jazz style which were extremely subtle and melodic. He made the pop tunes more interesting by re composing them. His work is full of creative leaps, original melodies and joy. ...
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