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Orchestra Concerts in Kalamazoo Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Orchestra Concerts On January 11, I attended a performance by the Ragbirds group, in Bell’s Brewery, in Kalamazoo. The Michigan-based group is led by five females and performs in a five-piece in most of their landmark performances.


The performance can be judged as excellent basing on the positive remarks and the great admiration drawn from the audience. Some of the issues that connect to the value of the Ragbirds performance thrill on account of its capacity to address the diverse needs of the audience through balance and energetic delivery of sound and instruments. The performance was long and large-scale, although this aspect did not seem to subtract from its quality and the style of performance. Parts of the symphony appeared decidedly sophisticated given the fact that they combined traditional styles with the modern influences without losing the aspect of sophistication that is usually assigned to symphonies. I have always regarded symphonies with high esteem because of the manner in which they combine various sounds and effects to build meaning and impact on people in particularly impressive ways. In this particular symphony, I was particularly moved by the expert use of preludes, postludes, and interludes to develop meaning in ways that showed the maturity of the performance and the many possibilities of style that were reflected within the performance. One of the most noticeable positive qualities of this symphony was the emotional range and the scale in which it was rendered. ...
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