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OPERA IN THE 20TH CENTURY: PORGY AND BESS Name of student Institution Date An opera is a performance that includes a comprehensive theatrical composition where all parts are accompanied by instruments. Elements of drama are always incorporated in an opera.


In this sense, because opera brings together most or all forms of art, it has been said to be a blend of all the arts. Other aids used in the performance of operas are costume design, constructed and painted sets and lighting. Props in the form of arts or objects are also used in many operas GERSHWIN, & WIMMER, (1999). There are two genres of opera are grand opera and comic opera. Grand opera grew out of the seria tradition of the Italian dramatic stage. This seria later evolved to become the Italian dramatic opera of the 18th Century. In grand opera, most of the text is set to music. It is usually a serious, tragic kind of opera. Opera Seria is usually based on a classical subject and is distinguished from the other form of opera by its far-reaching use of aria da capo and the recitative. The other form of opera is comic opera. Comic opera consists of spoken dialogue, a humorous plot and typically has a happy ending. It is a diverting kind of opera or operetta. Opera comique or opera bouffe are other names for this kind of opera. These two categories are used to differentiate most of the operas written before the 20th Century. Operas written today can be said to be written free style. This is because they are often written in whichever style the composer sees as appropriate. They, however, contain many of the elements of their predecessors. Opera in America has been performed since the 1700s. ...
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