musical cultures of native american and brazil

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Traditional music culture in Brazil and Native American cultures Name Institution Date RESPONSE TO I Culture refers to the totality of whatever is learned, the socially transmittable customs, material objects as well as, knowledge and behavior of certain groups in a society.


Perhaps no other groups of people have a deep culture as those of found in the Native Americans and the Brazil. Indeed they these two groups of people have had a long history characterized by struggle, the strife and the final triumph. It should be noted that, majority of the practices in the present world had their origin in these nations, RESPONSE TO II To begin with, The American Song published by Alexander Street Press. Is a long database that contains over 50,000 tracks which offers room for people to listen to and have a feel of America's past music. As such the database includes songs formulated by the American Indians, the immigrants as well as slaves. Also inclusive in the database are Civil Rights songs, the political campaigns, Civil War among many more.  The Encyclopedia of Natives Music: More Than a Century of Recording from Waxs Cylinder to Internet by Brian Wright-McLeod, illustrated by photographs and cover albums. And printed by Tucson: The University of Arizona Press, 2005 for Fine Art Music Collections provides vital information concerning the Native American culture. As such, the Encyclopedia of Native American Music recognizes contributions made by some Native recording artists by examining commercially released music history. ...
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