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One of the most difficult aspects of seeking to trace the origin of a particular form of music is with regards to whether you ultimately trace the influences for the individuals that first channeled these influences as a means of explaining the ultimate origin of the genre.


It is the further hope of this author that by engaging with the information within this essay, the reader will calm to a more full and complete understanding of the way in which and pop music was born and why it has developed in the unique way in which it has. As with many forms of art and expression, hip-hop was born during the early 1970s. Beyond merely giving birth to this defining genre of uniquely American music, this particular decade, as well as the one which preceded it, was fertile ground for the development and expression of new art forms, music, means of understanding, philosophy, and a range of other expression and thought related activities. Due to the way in which society was beginning to cast off the balance that it previously defined it and actively seeking to create new realities and means of expression to fit the needs and trends of the current generation, hip-hop was yet another in a long line of new wave expressionism that ultimately caught on and has prevailed for over 40 years now. Just as with rock ‘n roll before it and jazz before rock ‘n roll, hip-hop has its roots in the evolution in combination of many other types of music. In such a way, it cannot and should not be understood by the reader that the Apollo is somehow unique and was ultimately created from any type of a blank slate. ...
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