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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in the year 1756. Few composers have had such an impact on the music industry, as the likes of Mozart. He was one of the most influential and powerful composers in the Classical era of music.


He started composing music from the age of five and also played before the royalty. He travelled widely, with a penchant for performing. He had also performed before the European royalty at a very early age. There was always a search for a better position, leading him to change places and compos with a lot of regularity. While on a visit to Vienna in the year 1781, he faced dismissal from the position at Salzburg. He stayed on at Vienna, but the financial security was much lesser. The final years in Vienna were extremely productive, with the composition of a number of pieces. The part that we would concentrate on is the Requiem. It was one of his most important works, but was left in an unfinished state for most part. The situation that led to his death has been a subject of folklore, with a number of interpretations doing the rounds. Mozart learned the art from a lot of the other musicians, with the compositions straddling both worlds. Some of the compositions are very light in the constitution, while some of the others are extremely dark. The body of his work is very elaborate, with over six hundred pieces, and many of them have been taken as the best in symphony, concert ante and other forms of music. ...
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