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[Professor Name] [Course Number] [Professor Name] [Date] Joseph Haydn and Bob Dylan Outline: Introduction Musical background Joseph Haydn’s background and involvement in music Bob Dylan’s background and involvement in music Characteristics of music Haydn’s music Dylan’s music Stylistic elements of music Haydn’s style of music Dylan’s style of music Conclusion Introduction Joseph Haydn and Bob Dylan are two of the most loved music composers of their respected times.


He started to play the guitar and sing at a very early age when he started to sing with the church choir. The choir-master was J. M. Franck who began to teach the little boy and soon he chose Haydn to sing in St. Stephen’s Cathedral. As he entered his teenage years, his voice had started to crack and left the choir by force. After he was left to fend for himself he earned money as a composer, musician and teacher. His talent and teaching attracted many of the students who wanted to learn more about music, and soon he rented an attic where he started a formal musical program. In these years he composed divertimenti and string quartets which were the styles of music at that time (Grave 34). In 1761 Prince Paul Anton Esterhazy appointed Haydn as the Vice-Kappellmeister of his own private musical institution. With this opportunity Haydn did experiment many combinations of instruments and vocals with freedom. After the death of the prince, Haydn was appointed by Johann Peter Saloman who was a violinist from London and soon he became the most successful composer ever seen. He composed hundreds of compositions and that gave a new and ever lasting effect to the classical music. ...
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