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Name Professor Music Date Pablo Casals Pablo Casals was a composer born in 1876 to his father Carles Casals and mother Pilar Defillo de Casals, who lived at El Vendrell, Catalonia, Spain. His father was a parish organist and choirmaster; in fact, Pablo was instructed by his father while learning to play piano, violin, organ and composing songs during his early age (Avsharian, 1).


Besides, he played these instruments so well that he would be invited to perform a solo in public. It was at a local travelling, when he first encountered an instrument that resembled a cello that was played a Catalan musician; in fact, this musician played a cello-stung broom handle (Avsharian, 1). Later, he requested his father to build a cello for him to practice playing and his request was granted. When Pablo Casals reached eleven years, he got a chance to heat a real cello performance that was performed by a group of travelling musicians; thus, this led to a decision to be dedicated to this instrument. Pablo Casals was enrolled in the Escola Municipal de Musica, where he was taken by his mother in 1888 and he studies cello and piano theory; later in 1890, he was discovered at age of thirteen where he was performing in second –hand sheet music store in Barcelona (Avsharian, 1). Later, he decided to come up with his version of six suites, thereby leading to an extraordinary progress as a cellist. In fact, this was seen when he got a chance to present a solo performance in February 23 1891 in Barcelona, and five years later, he graduated with honours from Escola Escola Municipal de Musica (Johnston, 1). ...
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