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Name Course Course instructor Date Jacob’s Masterworks The weekend of Friday, May 17, 2013 to Sunday, May 19, 2013 saw the presentation of Jacobs Masterworks in the Copley Symphony Hall, San Diego. Although the program was expected to run for the whole weekend, there was no difference in the performances…


The hall was capacity full, which was not a rare spectacle San Diego symphony hall. However, something was different in this particular hall, the huge representation of the young generation. Classical music is preferred by the old and the grown up, whilst the youth love pop concerts and loud clubs. I found this rather different. Many of them were in classical attire, setting the mood for the night. Personally, I love classical music despite being quite young, something my friends find rather funny. While they tease me of belonging to the old-school generation, it is nights like this in a hall like the Copley Symphony Hall performing Jacobs masterworks that gives me joy of my lifetime. Although the program included orchestration pieces performed by Enrique Granados and Celedonio Romero, what caught my attention most was the intermission by Romero, and Gould’s “Troubadour Music for Four Guitars.” I found Especially with Manuel de Falla’s “El amor brujo” to have been the heaviest work on the program, especially due to the metallic nature of the performances and the loudness. The intermission was classical enough that I found it catchier than any other classical performance I have attended so far. ...
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