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Music in Classical Era Name Course Instructor Date Music illustrates a rich history with marked evolution over the years among various societies and civilizations. This is easily credited to the role of music in a given society as well as the thirst for a new sound.


Of the various eras in music history, the classical era stands out as a unique period regarded as the age of enlightenment. In light of this, the paper seeks to explore the classical era in the history of music, paying attention to the cultural characteristics, musical development, and the role of musicals in the society. Classical Era The classical era was preceded by the Baroque period, which provided a unique basis of evolution in terms of form, style, and medium. The period between 1750 and 1820 experienced the height of classical compositions and performances across Europe. This follows the shift towards new styles in architecture, literature, and arts in the continent that sought to emulate classical antiquity from ancient Greece. The works of great philosophers such as Isaac Newton would soon be incorporated in music, as composers and performers sought structural clarity. This catalyzed the evolution of the Baroque period into the classical period of layered instrumental melodies to create a combination dubbed homophony. The pre-classical music presented a change in form, style, and production eventually replacing old forms of music with new sectional structures. This indicates a sharp contrast with previous styles where music was mostly written for human voices and instruments were regarded as dull compared to the human voice. ...
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