Brazilian Music and Culture

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Brazilian Music and Culture Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction The Brazilian carnivals across the country are a rich combination of European Native, American and African cultures that have mixed over many centuries. Music is an important component of a society’s culture, every member of the society has his or her own personal preferences.


Accessibility of music is thus a complex phenomenon that encompasses these features and others that will be explored by this paper with specific reference to the Brazilian carnival and how it relates to the social conditions of the country. Eisentraut asserts that to understand music, it can be categorized into physical, personal and participatory classes1. Accordingly, this paper will start the scrutiny commencing with a draft description of the Brazilian culture and music for the period of the carnival. Globalization has led to more contact with music and in particular to spread of the allure of the carnival across very many nations, with as much 500,000 guest attending the Rio de Janeiro carnival in the year 2013. Historical Background of the Carnival Brazil usually host some of the most vivacious and exuberant carnival celebrations in the world, though other countries most notably china also host carnival celebrations. The carnival celebrations in Brazil can be traced back to Catholic countries in Europe, these were parties hosted before the Lent (these were the forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness). ...
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