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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course No Date Aida the Musical Review Aida is a world famous four acts grand opera, which is often termed as the finest example of Italian operatic presentations and the crowning glory of Verdi’s opera career. It is a musical masterpiece composed by the legendary Giuseppe Verdi, and the libretto was penned by Antonio Ghislanzoni in 1870.


However, categorizing this story as just another romantic lore would be an extreme injustice. The two lovers are actually representing ordinary people fighting for human rights, and justice hence; it is also a story of believing in honesty, integrity, justice and sincerity. The ideas that come across from the play are of upholding social order and equality in society. The tragic end of the lovers depicts that the world is indifferent towards those who are weak. Throughout the play these diverse concepts and ideas have been displayed beautifully Patriotism, justice, harmony, peacefulness in society and sense of duty are main values presented in the play. Verdi’s Aida has been bestowed with an urge to redevelop the ongoing thinking patterns of society. Aida was conceived, developed and written at the time of Risorgimento- the Italian Nationalist Movement of the late nineteenth century and therefore, there are images of “political conspiracies, exhortations against tyranny” and liberation from the aristocratic dominance (Grout and Williams 402). The play in a way depicted the prevailing discrimination between upper and lower class in 19th century Europe through the capturing of slaves. ...
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