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Essay example - Chalice Dubstep Masquerade: Techno Music and a Festival Atmosphere

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Dubstep is a term used to describe a type of post-garage form of music that was originated in Croydon in South London. The genre can be attributed to two major influences. The first came from musicians such as Scream who were working with Big Apple records, which no longer exists, and the second was a show that happened at a place in London called Forward…

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Chalice Dubstep Masquerade: Techno Music and a Festival Atmosphere

The development of the sound which lent itself particularly well to pop music promotion went from the U.K. to the United States, providing a techno sound with a driving bass that was particularly appealing to large festival style crowds. A festival that originated at The Canopy Club in Champaign Illinois provided a venue and crowd that was electric and exciting. Attending the Chalice Dubstep Masquerade provided an opportunity to find out about the dubstep experience. Dubstep has infiltrated both popular music and regional sounds, creating a new technologically based music that is still currently driving sectors of the music industry.

According to Gaerig and Nocito who wrote about dubstep for Spin Magazine, dubstep began as a reaction to U.K. garage music, itself an innovative, underground club movement that had been polished to a pop sheen” (60). The type of music created for the genre was slow and intense, which meant that as it crossed the ocean into the United States, American teenagers related to its similar feel to rock radio. In the process of promoting the music in the United States, the feel of the new sound made into a popularly relatable mix meant that it could be translated via festivals. Gaerig and Nocito continue on saying that the new festivals that are cropping up all over are particularly geared for the frenzy of the sound that is aggressive and based on the desire to create a dance atmosphere that is without restraint. ...
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