Discuss how Beethoven's hearing loss effected his music. Include sources devoted to the matter. Target the year he became comple

Discuss how Beethoven
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Beethoven's Hearing Loss & Its Effect On His Music [Pick the date] Author Ludvig van Beethoven was a well-known and colossal German artist and pianist who are known for his captivating symphonies and befitting compositions. His passion for the music and piano became evident when his father, Johan started to teach him music and art lesson.


He was born in 1770 and in around 1800, his hearing sense started to deplete with every passing day and in some years, he was totally deaf to hear anything around him. This sorrowful event in his life did not only affect his life, rather his whole career was at the stake and he had to abandon the pianist classes and performances. Ludvig continued to compose different lyrics for music and shows but his art of singing and performing live was depleting swiftly. He was of the view the music is being affected badly by his performance being deaf. Dissonant harmonies are a must to feel and hear when you are performing on a public platform to imbibe and integrate the learning capacity in music. He as not unable to hear anything thus he had to leave singing and performing in the general masses1. The early strike of deafness isolated Ludvig Beethoven because of the fact that this great artist was at the peak of his career when the deafness started. Experts are of the view that if this deafness would not have been struck Ludvig , he would have become a great director and virtuoso pianist. Ludvig was a man of a few words form the very first day and his aim was only to performance rather than to speak but deafness forced him to stay out of any social circle. ...
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