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Ebook-Importance of technology in Retailing

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103). The neglect of these three pillars of retail business has led to the failure of many businesses, and the process of checking

Materials: Concrete Durability Design

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The concrete quality requirement according to ASTM C94 specification is either specified according to purchase or as specified (Lamond 2006). In cases where purchaser’s requirements differ, the specification of buyer shall

Nursing Clinical Negligence

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According to the modern healthcare and clinical practices, the risk assessment processes include a set of steps that can be easily implemented by the institutions to deal with potential hazards or clinical risks (Boland, 2010; National Patient

wireless telecommunication + matlab program

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We begin with the Amplitude Modulation and study its types i.e. Double side band with suppressed carrier (DSB-SC) Amplitude Modulation, Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM), Single Side Band (SSB) Amplitude Modulation and

Data Anlaysis

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Consider the Classical Linear Regression Model (CLRM) Y = α +βX + where X denotes the independent GNI per capita, Atlas method (current US$), Y is the dependent variable Life expectancy at birth, total (years), α and β are unknown constants


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ii. prints the sum of the numbers from 0 up to and including the number input. However, you only add the number to the sum if and only if that number is either even (evenly divisible by 2) or evenly divisible by three  // This condition

Structural Engineering-Tensegrity Simplex Structure

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Tensegrity structures are particularly 3-D trusses in which some members always in tension while the others remain in compression. In most cases, compressive members, bars or solid

Using 3D photogrammetry to monitor a "simplex" tensegrity structure's deformation

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This is arrived at through taking a photo, by the use of auto focus ring, at a given distance, then tilting the camera to focus physically and taping the key used for the focus in place. For instance, a

Business Maths

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In this case $1200 is the certainty equivalent. d) An investor is an risk-averse investor if his certainty equivalent is less than the expected monetary value since he is willing to accept a

Summary of Articles

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Study also indicates that occupational therapists can use ICF under different clinical and practice settings. Factors determined by pediatricians and physical therapists


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The sample partial autocorrelation pt at lag t is the correlation between the two sets of residuals obtained from regressing yi and yi-t on the set of values in between them. Box and Jenkin’s method has three steps,

'SHL Online Test (numerical) 19 minute test

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The test is not supervised and we rely on your integrity in completing it. If you are invited to an Assessment Centre you may be asked to retake the test. The test is timed and will end

Heat and mass transfer calculation for carbon capture pilot plant

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The second observation is that the improvement of efficiency might also have resulted in a gradual reduction of heat losses from the system as the experiments were performed one after the

non word

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She can make 20 “housecalls” per day. She is considering hiring her sister Sarah to work for her. Both she and Sarah can visit 35 houses per day. What is Sarah’s marginal product? __D__ 9. Bev is opening her own court-reporting

highway engineering

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Embankments reduce mining activities for the virgin aggregate and the associated applications of fuels and water. Areas around a bridge structure which have been reinforced through embankment are not suitable for mining activities. Embankments feature therefore, encourages

geotechnical engineering coursework on foundation design

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The attached Figure 1 shows the loading system and schematic model of the problem. Figure 2 is a borehole log showing the strata details at the site. The

equity theory 2 videos

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The theory calls for a fair balance of employees’ inputs such as hard work, tolerance, skill level and enthusiasm with employees output such as salary, recognition and benefits

JBS Report

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The special offers and photocopying revenue will rise to SGD$20200 and SGD$202000 respectively. The part-time staff will also be paid SGD$15000, thereby increasing the institution’s expenses. The apportionment in the miscellaneous revenue will also be affected.

The Net Present Value (NPV)

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This means that it is prudent for an investor to consider the present value of the expected net returns and compare this with the present value of the initial expenditure that the investor incurs on the

Database systems analysis & design

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It then highlights how the design confirms the three forms of normalization i.e. 1NF, 2NF and 3NF. In order to test the working of the proposed logical design, results of certain test cases have also been presented. The

the effects of female reproductive cycle on metabolic rate

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The alterations in the energy balance as a consequence of reproductive cycle changes have also been studied in correlation with extra energy requirements of the body during and after intense physical activity such as exercise. The present study was undertaken to study the variations in BMR in different phases of reproductive cycle, during rest, exercise and post exercise recovery phases in six female subjects.


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Implications of change in status “An employee will pay taxes on earnings from his employment. A self employed will pay taxes on the profits of his trade.” (Christopher Jones)i As per HMRC “A worker’s employment status, that is whether they are employed or self employed, is not a matter of choice.

business forecast

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Seasonality is very pronounced, presumably because the data reveals the effect of manufacturers building up inventories for the Christmas shopping season. Figure 1: The Absolute Values for Investment Prior to Decomposition These periodic fluctuations from first to fourth quarters are decomposed and isolated in Figure 2 below.

Quantative Methods (Statistical Analysis)

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It is used to verify that the end product or service is within the requisite norms, and helps identify outlier situations and excessive wastage. It helps in identifying units that need to be rejected. The variation that is detected by the SPC can be of different types.

XML-Based Project

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This document gives an overview of the project work and states the reasons behind the design decisions taken during the course of the project. It also illustrates the importance of XML technologies in various application areas. 2. Work Description The aim of the project was to encode a few web documents into their respective XML representations.

economic (quatitative research methods)

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28). Panel data is one of the three types of data generally available for analysis; the other types being timer series and cross section data (Gujarati 2004, p. 636). , Panel data analysis combines the features of time series and cross-section data analysis (Gujarati 2004, p.

Interactive Systems

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Your employers have decided to produce an interactive web-based system to illustrate the assembly of one or more of their product(s). You have been assigned the authoring task using Adobe Flash. Objectives Your web-based system will allow users to learn each of the stages in assembly of the product by clicking on images and text.

project management planning and programming tools

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[20 marks] Solution: The network analysis for the Park and Ride project was analysed based on the project logic evaluation shown in Appendix B of the coursework. The events, which are represented by circles, were numbered to indicate a milestone such as the start and completion of an activity (Kerzner, 2009; De Marco, 2011).

: Operating Systems and Networking

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In the recent past the company's board of directors has undergone a major review of its business facilities and has identified various enhancements required to be incorporated for better operations across the company. An important observation was the absence of enterprise level networking facilities.

Quantitive methods

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So, in general, as series is said to be integrated of the order ‘p’ if the series becomes stationary in its pth differences and this is denoted as I(p). In this section the order of integration of the two series of interest, namely, the logarithm of the Korean Stock Exchange stock price index (lko) and the logarithm of the share price of Korean Airlines (lkap) shall be evaluated.

Financial accounting

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ess). Though option D is also the correct answer but manufacturing accounts include direct as well as indirect manufacturing costs incurred during the year and these costs are further summed up together and transferred to the trading account. Hence it can easily be said that manufacturing accounts serves to calculate the costs of finished goods produced in a manufacturing business.

Assessing the Effect of Visual Field of Exposure and Mathematical Ability on Acuity of Number Sense

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The ability to cope with patterns and shapes within which objects are placed also developed with age, with rectangular shapes being the easiest which are followed by linear arrangements. Circular arrangements are more difficult to approximate, and scattered arrangements are most difficult for all age groups (Wang, Resnick & Boozer, 1971).

Four wheel steering Vs Front wheel Steering

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The current constraints for relating lateral acceleration, yaw rate and roll angle necessitate the use of a 3 DOF system. A 3 DOF system using the required dynamics and motions was used. The following properties have been assumed in order to deal with the vehicle’s dynamics: 1.


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Solution: The network analysis for the Park and Ride project was analysed based on the project logic evaluation shown in Appendix B of the coursework. The events, which are represented by circles, were numbered to indicate a milestone such as the start and completion of an activity.

Project Review Report about the Sonic Pathfinder a microprocessor based Travel Aid for the Blind.

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Sonic Pathfinder is an electronic device which emits energy waves to detect the surrounding or environment within a defined range of distance, processes reflected data/ information, and delivers substantial information in an intelligible well-presented manner to the user.


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These managers are hired by the owners who hold stocks of the company and are part of the board of directors. The real conflict arises when managers start pursuing their own private interests rather than devoting their energies towards the protection and promotion of board members interest (BITLER, MOSKOWITZ, and VISSING-JORGENSEN, 2005).

The Effect of Emotional Expression and Degree of Rotation on Recognition of Facial Stimuli.

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The study attempted to verify the effects of Rotation of image and Emotional Expression on Response Time taken by individuals when attempting to recognize face stimuli. It was hypothesized that negative emotions like Anger would be recognized faster than Happy or Neutral emotions; and that images that were less rotated from initial presentation would be recognized faster.
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