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Running Head: Proposal on Alternative Pain Therapy Proposal on Alternative Pain Therapy [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] PROPOSAL ON ALTERNATIVE PAIN THERAPY Research Question “Is alternative pain therapy beneficial, safe, and cost effective for chronic orthopaedic pain?…


They utilize these drugs to deal with pain due to injury during the combat as well as to handle the emotional suffering of war fatigue or being compelled to observe wartime killings. Evidence Military drug dependency rates have been increasing on an alarming rate during recent years, putting the lives of soldiers at severe risk. Prescription drug abuse has increased among military recruits, having almost tripled from 2008 to 2011.1 A study on military lifestyle revealed that, although the general civilian rates of drug dependency were 6 percent and the rate for the Department of Defense was 15 percent. The level for the Army branch of the military was highest on 23 percent for males of all ages and 22 percent females of all ages.2 Though the level of dependency for civilians decreased sharply following the age of 25 years and carried to decrease as age increased, for all the armed forces branches, the level increases with age. Warrants A comprehensive study revealed a major setback with overmedication of soldiers pulling through combat wound. Overmedication can take the shape of various drugs that cause excessive doses.3 The medicines may be taken for different or the similar situation. The Army is taking steps to rectify the situation by utilizing an automated patient record. ...
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